Beautiful design

The whole design including colors and icons are perfectly adapted to the material guidelines.

RAT from anywhere

With the Android Server you are able to remote administrate your clients from anywhere, anytime.


The Android Server supports all android versions. Depending on the platform version it uses the best fitting styles and functions.

Simple use

The user interface is responsive and easy to use.

Call Information


Delete or insert call entries.


Next to the number and name, you can also see the exact date, duration and origin of the call. You will also be notified about new incoming and outgoing calls.

Contact Information


Change, add or delete contacts. Export them as vCard or HTML file to your phone.


You are able to view the full name, phone number and profile picture. If available you will also see other details like phone numbers, email addresses and domicile.

Installed Applications


Install & uninstall, execute and dump (with root permissions) applications.


View the full name, package name and icon of all installed applications. You can switch between pre-installed system applications or user applications.

File Manager

Full Control

With the OmniRAT file manager you are able to:

1. Create and upload files / folders.
2. Delete and download files / folders.
3. Rename files / folders.


You are able to view all files and folders located on the internal storage or sd card. The beautiful user interface shows different icons for different file types, the last date of modification and size. Pictures are easily and quickly previewable.


Live Tracking

View the clients location live on a map. Any location change is recorded and the route can be saved.


Next to GPS tracking you are also able to locate your client over network (wlan, mobile). Detailed information like speed, altitude and coordinates are aswell shown.

SMS Manager


Send SMS messages. Delete or alter existing messages. Add new messages (without actually sending them).


The SMS messages are perfectly sorted and arranged in a pretty way. You are also getting immediately notified once the client receives a new SMS.



Take pictures of the front or back camera within seconds. Flash can be enabled optionally.



You are able to view the entered keys in realtime. They get saved aswell and can be downloaded afterwards.

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