What other payment methods do you accept?

We accept next to PayPal also Bitcoin, SEPA Bank Transfer and Paysafe Cards.

Is portforwarding required?

Yes, it is. If you are not able to open ports you can use a VPN.

Do I need a rooted phone?

No, the client and server work perfectly fine on non rooted phones. With a rooted phone you can perform additional functions.

On which android versions does it work?

It works on all android versions, including android cupcake (1) & android oreo (8).

On which devices does it work?

It works on all devices that use android as operating system.

Is the client fully undetected (FUD)?

Currently yes. We do not guarantee that it will remain FUD, although we give our best to keep the detection rate as low as possible.

On how many devices can I install OmniRAT?

The client can be installed on unlimited devices, the server however can only be installed on one machine. The software is limited to your Hardware ID.

Does it work with services likes noip.com?

Yes, it does. However it is recommended to use the inbuilt DNS Service provided by us.

Can I bind it with another app?

No you can´t. You can give the client application any icon and name so that it looks like another application.

Is the client application hidden?

The second part of the client application (‚System‘) is hidden and not visible on the launcher. The first application however is visible, but can be uninstalled.

Can the client application be uninstalled?

The first application can be uninstalled without any issues. The second one can be made uninstallable by enabling it as device administrator.

How can I spread the client application?

The client application can be sent via email, sms, etc. It has to be installed and the permissions need to be accepted in order to work.

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